Monday, April 4, 2016

First PDay in Japan!

< Dad Note: Thomas sent a bunch of pictures this week.  You can see them by clicking on the "Thomas' Mission Media" link in the nav bar just above the posts.  They'll be in the Japan 1 folder >

This week was really interesting. I'll skip what happened at the MTC, since I know you all want to hear about what I did after on my way to Japan.

My district woke up at 2:15-ish, and left the MTC at 3:50 AM. That was interesting. Anyway, after a long bus and train ride, we got to the airport, called home, and got on the plane. Unfortunately, the pilot of the plane I was in forgot to run the defroster, so we spent 15 minutes waiting for the snow to melt off the wings. So I got to LAX(where my connection was) late, and couldn't call my family there, which was kinda sad. Then I got on the huge Japanese plane. It was like a small cruise ship with wings. I still wanted off really badly by the time that flight ended though. It was 12 hours of boredom. I couldn't even sleep.

Anyway, I got off and went to the mission home, where I met the Mission President and his wife. They are super nice! I slept in one of the rooms upstairs, and left the next day for my new area with my new companion.

My new area is pretty cool. We only have two investigators, but they are both really fun to hang out with. My companion and I have tried doing some fun stuff together too throughout the week. I've been to a sushi bar, a club(more on that later), a 7/11(Senkyoushi no saiko tomodachi, or in English, missionary's best friend. It has wifi.), and the massive bike shop where I bought my bike.

The reason we went to the club is because one of the investigators has a membership there. We went there because we wanted to play billiards, and we don't know of any pool tables anywhere else. It isn't as sketchy as most American clubs though. It was more like a lounge with darts and pool tables. Oh, and all-you-can-eat/drink soft drinks and ice cream. That was nice. :P

I only get an hour and a half on P-Days to write emails, sadly, so if someone sends me an email and I don't reply, you can assume I ran out of time. Still, feel free to send me emails! I can read them any time of the week, and I'll do my best to respond!

Love you guys!

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