Saturday, June 4, 2016

Final Blog Post For Now

It's been a rough week in the Harper House. 

First, sadly my wonderful wife had a miscarriage very early last Sunday morning.  This led to hemorrhaging and for a brief time it appeared we might lose her.  Thankfully we did not.  She’s home now resting but it will be several weeks before she is herself again. 

Secondly, my wonderful son Thomas returned early from his mission on Wednesday on a medical release while he works through some things.  While we’re happy to have him home, we all wish it were under different circumstances.  He thoroughly enjoyed his time in Japan and had many wonderful experiences.  He will miss his time there.  We’re not sure yet what mid-term to long-term plans are for him.  For now he’s focusing on repairing himself and we’ll go from there.

Our hope and expectations from our family and friends is nothing more than to help me love and support my wife and son at this time by continuing to be the wonderful people you always are to us.