Friday, January 29, 2016

Thomas Harper First P-Day Email!

Well, where do I even start? :P

I'm in a room with 5 other missionaries, so lots of fun. They are all great! As far as my schedule goes, it feels like EFY for missionaries. Not much free time except P-Day, but it's all fun anyway and we eat at a buffet for meals! :)

I've had a great first week so far! I actually got to teach some investigators live the other day, although there were a lot of missionaries doing that with us. It was both really fun, and we got to learn a lot about teaching. My companion and I will be teaching someone in Japanese later, which is I think super insane as I don't have anywhere near enough Japanese yet to hold a casual conversation. As a result, both me and Graham-chorou(Elder Graham) are essentially cramming Japanese with all the phrases from the plan of salvation.

Everyone in my district is pretty pumped, and we are already using Japanese for about 20% of our speech. The teachers aren't even allowed to use English. They are all really fun.

The food can occasionally be a bit sketchy, but it's all tasty. Just gotta make sure you've got some fruits 'n veggies. I am a little exhausted, didn't sleep at all the first night, and had some... mildly disturbing dreams last night. Nothing too horrible, just enough to make me wake up and question reality briefly.

My time is slightly limited as we receive the iPads next Friday, so I'm using a computer in the computer lab. I hope I can figure out the iPad. I've used Apple products just long enough to decide that they aren't worth programming for, so I don't know much.

Karisa is partially correct as far as I've seen. They place faaaar more emphasis on the speaking aspect than reading, but we are getting into katakana and hirigana some.  I came up with a sweet way of learning some Japanese though, that my whole district likes. Get some flashcards and make 52 playing cards(Spades, clubs, etc...) and use kanji instead of numbers, and the actual names for the face cards. Then, write down Japanese phrases you want to learn on them in order of difficulty from 2, 3, 4... J, Q, K, A with Ace being the hardest. Then, to play or use said card, you have to say both the phrase and it's translation. Lots of fun, and you learn reaaal quickly so you don't lose.

Other than that, there isn't much to say, so I'll talk to you guys next week! Love you all!


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