Friday, March 18, 2016

MTC Email #8

This week, a momentous thing has happened. I have stumbled across one of the many deep eternal truths of the gospel. The MTC is like spiritual honey! It's really good for you and very sweet, but you start to get sick of it after a spoonful or two. :P <Dad Note: His way of saying he loves the MTC but he's ready to get to Japan :)>

Not much really happened this week. I got some mochi and Pocky sticks from my dad, which I have been sharing and are loved all around.  My companions and I all yelled at each other, but all is better now. Starting to get packed. Although, the definition of 'starting' I am using is closer to should be getting started.

Super excited to go to Japan, and almost more excited to be able to eat something for breakfast that is not the same every day. I never thought I would ever want to make my own breakfast so badly.

Cya next week! I'll have more to talk about too!

<Dad Note>
After he sent this, he got his travel plans.  He leaves the MTC at 4:00 AM on Monday the 28th to make an 8:30 flight to LA, one hour layover, and then 10:30 AM flight from LA to Tokyo.  We're super excited that he gets to call us from the airport!  Just not sure if he's calling from SLC or LAX airport yet :/  8 days until he's Tokyo bound!!! </Dad Note>

Elder Harper
"Failure is simply the fuel for success"
Obligatory MTC Map Picture

His buddy Elder Matt Blanding headed to Georgia Macon Mission

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